Trade Air – Aircraft livery

Trade Air – Aircraft livery


A privately-owned limited liability company, Trade Air was founded in April 1994 in Zagreb, Croatia. Headquartered there ever since, the company is proud of its mission to ensure fast, cost-effective, and reliable transport of both passengers and cargo worldwide whilst complying with the highest industry standards.
It has specialized in performing passenger charters (ad-hoc charter flights, chains of charter flights, and wet lease of its aircraft) whereas being a certified transporter of dangerous goods.

After twenty years the company’s brand is overdue a facelift. The company grew from a small cargo operator to a small cargo and passenger operator and finally to a solely passenger operator.

Its subsidiary company SunAdria, which was founded for the company’s scheduled charter flights, is a brand that is no longer in use, and the fleet of Fokker 100 aircraft is due to be expanded to higher capacity aircraft.

With all this in mind, the company’s owners have decided to rebrand the company, nearer and more adequate to the services they provide.


The idea was to merge the company’s name (Trade Air) with the no longer used brand SunAdria into one brand. The aircraft livery has had to be redesigned in accordance with a new visual identity of the company.


It was challenging to merge two different names into one brand having in mind that a new visual identity has to be applied to the aircraft livery.


The sole brand presents a merger of two previous brands, whereas the company’s name, with new modern typography, has been kept as a reference to long term stability and the sign was inspired by the Greek sun that was used with SunAdria. Instead of the Greek sun there is now one full circle representing the Sun in yellow and orange colours, while blue symbolises the sea (the Adriatic) and the sky.


The new logotype and especially the new aircraft livery design showcases TradeAir as a modern airline, more representatvive and recognizable at the market.

  • Client Trade Air
  • Year 2015.
  • Tags Livery design

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