Bulje – Branding

Bulje – Branding

While olive oil has been recognised and famous for its excellent quality and superior design, pumpkin seed oil has been rather neglected so far. Its quality has not been recognized nor has it been equipped with design packaging.

A major breakthrough was made by Kias natura, which commissioned Goran Rožić, from the creative ENDEM studio, to brand its pumpkin seed oil.

“In order to distance ourselves from mainstream results with pumpkins, seeds and pumpkin fields, but nevertheless, to show a connection with nature, we have chosen wild animals indigenous to Međimurje County: the hare and the duck. However, to refer to tradition as well as take into consideration the customers who look for something new and different, we have stylized animals accessorizing them with a pipe, monocle and top hat. This approach is also highlighted by the given titles: Baron Hare and Marquis Duck”, says Rožić explaining his visual concept.

Bulje pumpkin seed oil comes in two variants: Bulje Original and Bulje Premium, both in bottles of 250 ml and 500 ml. Bulje Original is a blend of unrefined pumpkin seed oil and refined sunflower oil, while Bulje Premium variant is 100 % unrefined pumpkin seed oil.

The uniquely designed bottle narrows at the bottom, and its dark, almost black glass protects the quality of oil at the same time emphasising the luxury of the product. The label stands out in green and orange, the contrasting colours taken from nature.

The typography used for the logotype and label design is modern and elegant in accordance with the brand quality. A distinctive feature is also a waxseal stamp on top of the bottle cap, which is one more bond with the tradition whilst being one more element singling out the product exclusiveness.

The Bulje oils are made from selected pumpkin seeds, from pumpkins grown solely on the Međimurje farms. Indeed, the quality of the soil and climate in the region are conducive to producing high-quality pumpkins also helped by the long tradition in farming the vegetable.

The pumpkin farming business and processing pumpkin seeds into oil has a long tradition in Međimurje. It is exactly this tradition, together with the cutting edge technology and expert knowledge, that has resulted in the first-rate quality of our pumpkin seed oils. Our oils are produced in state-of-the-art oil mill plants in Šenkovec, in the heart of Međimurje.

Thanks to: Ana Biško (Copy), Mario Majcan (Photo) and Igor Dugandžić (Photo).

  • Client Kias natura d.o.o.
  • Year 2014.
  • Tags Branding, Print

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